Info and/or how to connect with Tyler and Bhante:

Sign up for Simple Wisdoms emails.


To read more of Tyler’s writing and to sign up for his daily wisdom e-blasts, check out his blog.


To follow Bhante Sujatha’s travel schedual to see when he may be teaching in your area, check out his website.


For information on the Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple.


Meditation aids:

For a GREAT meditation timer you can use from your phone, we recommend Insight Timer.


Tara Brach is one of the great western meditation teachers of our time and she has podcast meditations and dharma talks you are sure to benefit from!    


For a Buddhist path to addicton recovery and as a resource for amazing dharma talks and meeting lists all across the country, check out our friends at Refuge Recovery.


Retreat Centers :

For information on our retreat center in Sri Lanka, please go to Sanatha Suwaya.


For a US based retreat center, we love the work of the committed teachers at Spirit Rock. 


Books we love:

MY WISH, A Book about Bhante Sujatha!  By Mary Gustafson.


The Heart of the Buddha’s Teachings, By Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh.


All books By our dear friend, Bhante G, especially Mindfulness in Plain English!


Heart of the Revolution and all the other books out by our friend and renouned Buddhist teacher, Noah Levine.