Through humor, raw truth and the life changing practice of loving-kindness you’ll experience the joyful blessing of mindfulness and be shown a path to sustainable happiness. Easy to read and hard-to-forget, this collection of short stories is the kind of book that moves you while you read it — and then hits you later as a spiritual awakening. The author offers you a seat in the temple, where you’ll be guided by the wisdom and the presence of his noble friend and teacher, Buddhist Monk Venerable Bhante Sujatha. .
— Mary Gustafson, author of My Wish: The Story of a Man Who Brought Happiness to America

People often seek happiness in one of two ways:


1 |  Head Dharma: Searching far and wide, bolstering intellect, reading volumes and studying wisdom.

2 |  Heart Dharma: Practicing a few simple teachings and using them every day to make your life and our world happy.


“Are you mind-full or Mindful?”  asks Venerable Bhante Sujatha


This simple monk wants you to do, not just say. 

To feel, not just know.